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Demand Generation

Our demand generation service has helped UK and international companies sell their products and services into the UK security sector. We have successfully delivered projects for global brand manufacturers, international distributors, independent product manufacturers and specialist companies wishing to target the UK sector.

The security industry structure and route to market is complicated and difficult to understand for companies trying to increase sales, find new customers, or simply promote their products to a wider audience in the post GDPR age.

In addition to these challenges the buying cycles have extended and potential customers need to recognise your brand long before they will actively engage with your company. It used to be said that people needed to have seen a brand several times before they engaged directly, but in this age of information overload we believe at Harper Morgan that, this brand awareness period takes much longer. It is these challenges that our demand generation service is designed to overcome.

What is it?

Our demand generation service combines five unique elements into a fully integrated service that is proven and guaranteed to generate leads.

Stage 1: Consultancy

Our security experts will work with you to understand your target markets, objectives and prospect types to build a campaign specifically focused on your companies products and business goals.

Stage 2: Database Building

Based on our unique in-house database of over 25,000 qualified and segmented security decision makers, we identify the type of company and person you want to target.

Stage 3: Content Marketing

We will use your content or create new valuable content for you that acts as a lead magnet such as a thought leadership article, a whitepaper or video case study. All designed to raise brand awareness or generate leads. We are experts in producing relevant content that is tailored to the target security audiences of our clients which means prospects will be more willing to engage with your unique content.

Stage 4: Marketing Automation

Since 2006, Harper Morgan have been deploying Demand Generation campaigns into the security industry using the latest marketing automation software. As the first management consultancy dedicated to the security industry, we have seen ROI's in excess of 1000% from many of our campaigns.

You can trust us to provide you with the knowledge and expertise to drive success for your in-bound marketing campaigns.

Stage 5: Telemarketing

The integration of our telemarketing service enables us to complement the campaign process and results in warmer prospects and typically increases lead conversion by over 110%

Benefits of demand generation:

  • Higher lead quality
  • Achieve ROI's in excess of 300% (many achieve over 1000%)
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Generate in-bound leads
  • Increase sales
  • Build a GDPR compliant database
  • Shortens your sales cycles

Tele Marketing and Telesales

Tele Marketing and Telesales

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